Introducing a thoughtfully planned community with a fresh new mix of choices on the East I-20 Corridor

Eastmore is a new community that celebrates the independent spirit, and people who take the road less traveled. Filled with a variety of beautifully crafted homes, shops, restaurants and gathering spaces, with nature all around, Eastmore is a place that makes great design accessible to everyone. It’s for people who know that, sometimes, finding what you’re looking for just takes a simple change in direction.

We’re on track to open our Discovery Center at Corner Market in March 2018.   If you’d like us to keep you updated on the community’s progress, sign up here.

Single-Family Homes from the $250s | Townhomes from the $180s.

Fresh Home Designs

"Eastmore is a response to the need for beautiful environments. It's about creating something fresh, that also feels right from the start."
– Lew Oliver, Town Designer

Acres of Discovery

Eastmore has set aside acres of wetlands, streams and granite outcroppings for natural habitat, planned trails and the joy of discovery.


Located directly off Exit 80 on the East I-20 Corridor, new employment, recreation and entertainment opportunities are all around.

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